Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley is singing the dream on her debut album

Corrie actress Catherine Tyldesley tells Soaplife about her new album and why she may be taking her toddler son, Alfie, on tour!

Catherine Tyldesley was delighted when her Corrie co-star Shayne Ward agreed to duet with her on her debut album. She tells us more about her burgeoning singing career and Corrie…

Tell us about your debut album, Rise…
“It’s a compilation of some of my favourite songs. I cover some of the classics made famous by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and Doris Day, then there’s The Carpenters’ hit Close To You (below), which I absolutely love. Making my album Rise is a dream come true and I’m thrilled with the reception it’s getting.”

Which is your favourite song on the album?
“Probably the final one – Baby Mine. It’s the song I sing to my little boy, Alfie, most nights and I sang it to him every day when I was pregnant.”

Tell us about the track you recorded with your Corrie co-star and X Factor winner Shayne Ward…
“It’s called Get Here. It has beautiful lyrics and it was something of a favourite for the troops in the Gulf War, so it’s very meaningful for a lot of people.”

What was it like making music with him?
“Obviously, I knew Shayne had a great voice but now I’ve worked closely with him, I’m his biggest fan. We’re always singing together on the Corrie set and we’ve even done a few live gigs together. I was thrilled when he said ‘Yes’ to being on the album.”

You’ve recently done a few live dates on your own, haven’t you?
“Yes. I’ve done a couple in London and a couple in Manchester. It’s terrifying before you go on. I always say to myself, ‘Why am I doing this? Never again!’ But once I’m up there and I’ve got the first song out of the way, I really love it, I’m hoping to do some more dates next year – a kind of mini tour – but it depends on my Corrie commitments.”

Will you take Alfie on tour if and when you do one?
“I told my agent from the off that my family comes first and that, if we go on the road, Alfie, who’s two in March, comes, too. He’s already been to a few rehearsals and he came with us when we recorded the album. He’s very musical and he bobs around when mummy is singing.”

Any New Year’s resolutions for 2017?
“I always make the same resolution – to be happy, healthy and spend as much time as I can with those I love.”

We can’t let you go without asking if you call your real-life husband, Tom (pictured), ‘Babe’, like Eva’s forever calling Aidan?
“No. I think both he and I would find that slightly irritating. I actually call Tom ‘Pickle’!”