Coronation Street’s David Neilson warns that after Tony’s confession – Roy can’t rest until he’s got justice for Liam…

How did Roy feel when Tony confessed?

“Roy hardly knows Tony but he was more than happy to stay at his hospital bedside when Tony begged him to. He believed Tony to be very close to death. He could see he was in terrible distress over the wrongs he’d committed and it was a big shock to hear him say he’d killed Liam.”

Did Roy immediately believe Tony was telling the truth?

“Tony said it just as he was having another heart attack and at first Roy wondered if he’d heard him correctly. But Tony said it with real conviction. That struck a chord.”

How does he feel now that he’s carrying Tony’s terrible secret?

“The enormity is still sinking in. The problem with Roy is he cannot lie.”

Does he confide in Hayley?

“Of course. She puts it down to the drugs Tony was on and tells Roy not to worry.”

But Roy can’t help worrying?

“The drugs explanation isn’t good enough for Roy. It’s that ring of truth that’s got to him. He can’t cope with anything that’s not black and white and nailed down.”

So he couldn’t just forget about it all?

“He can’t get it out of his mind. It’s haunting him and he has to do something about it.”

How does he feel when he goes back to the hospital and finds Maria there?

“He’s expecting the worst and is met by Maria in tears. He feels terrible as he’s becoming more and more convinced that Tony did kill her husband.”

Does he tell her about the confession?

“He keeps quiet for now. Hayley says people will think he’s mad if he makes accusations like that – just like they did with Maria.”

But then he decides to report Tony…

“He’s about to dial 999 but then he hangs up. The thought of what the truth will do to Maria is causing him great conflict. But this secret is eating away at him.”

Later he goes to see Maria with the intention of telling her… What happens?

“He can’t find the courage to tell her why he’s there. But he’s obsessing over what Tony told him and won’t be able to rest until he’s owned up…”

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