Corrie star Georgia: ‘Katy risks Joseph’s life!’

Coronation Street‘s Georgia May Foote reveals to Soaplife that Katy isn’t coping with new baby Joseph – and how she’s so desperate she leaves her baby home alone!

Having a baby at 17 was no accident for Katy. She and Chesney had this rose-tinted image of how perfect life as a little family would be – but it’s not turning out that way. And especially not for Katy. “She is shocked – by the lack of sleep, by how much baby Joseph cries and by being on her own with him day after day,” says Georgia. But it will be the viewers’ turn to be shocked when she leaves her baby home all alone…

So, Katy’s not finding motherhood easy then?

“She never thought it would be this hard. There are days when she doesn’t even have time to get dressed, when she can’t get the baby to sleep at all. She’s scared, so tired and feeling quite isolated. She’s out of her depth.”

Is she getting any support from Chesney?

“He’s working long hours at the market because they need the money, so he’s not really there to help her. He suggests getting an evening job, too, but then Katy would be on her own even longer and she starts to panic. She feels like she just wants to run away, which scares her as that’s what her mum did and she doesn’t want to be like her mum.”

Why doesn’t she ask for help?

“She wants to prove to people that she can be a good mum, but she needs some time to do things. And her way of getting things the time ends up with her leaving Joseph home alone.”

She does what?!

“The rent’s due, she has to get to the bank and Joseph has just fallen asleep for the first time all day. She feels like she doesn’t have an option. It’s a spur-of-the-moment thing. She looks at him then just does it. She knows it’s wrong and feels really guilty, but she sees no other way of dealing with things.”

Does she get away with it?

“Joseph’s OK but she’s nearly caught out by Chesney. He rings to say he’s coming home early and she has to leg it back home. She’s absolutely terrified she’s going to get found out.”

How does she think Chesney would react if he caught her?

“She thinks he’d go mad and leave her. It’s the sort of thing that his parents did to him when he was a kid, so she knows how against it he is.”

Will she do it again?

“Once she’s got away with it I think it could become easier to do it again. She didn’t get caught and no harm came to Joseph so maybe she’ll think just nipping out to the shops when he’s asleep is OK.”

She’s putting Joseph’s life in danger!

“I don’t think she feels like she’s risking Joseph’s life. She thinks she’s doing the right thing by not disturbing him. But she’s not doing things right by leaving him alone.”