Corrie star Helen reveals ‘scary’ panic attacks

Coronation Street‘s Helen Flanagan has spoken out about her battle with panic attacks.

The 21-year-old actress – who recently returned to the Street after taking a few months break from the soap – told the Daily Mirror she has begun experiencing panic attacks and even had one at work.

Helen revealed: “I have recently suffered a few panic attacks. And as anyone who has ever suffered from them knows, they are very scary.

“I did have one at work and everyone was very understanding, but I didn’t know what might have caused it.”

Helen revealed co-star Kym Marsh, who plays barmaid Michelle Connor, has been giving her advice. She said: “I am speaking to people like Kym Marsh who has said that in the past she suffered from them too.

“I am trying to work out what triggers them so that I can start to deal with them and move forward. But I am starting to realise that they are more common than people think and that there are ways of dealing with them.”

Helen has played Rosie for 12 years and her feisty character is known for throwing tantrums and getting jealous, but the actress revealed she prefers her character being nice.

She said: “When I go out, people sometimes expect me to be stuck-up because of the character I play, but I’m really not.

“I don’t like it that much when Rosie is being nasty to people.”

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