Corrie star Jack: ‘David could absolutely lose it’

Jack P Shepherd talks to Soaplife about David’s joy at finding out he’s having a baby girl in Coronation Street… Or, at least, he thinks he is! He doesn’t know the baby could be Nick’s!

So David’s a happy daddy-to-be?
“He’s very excited and Gail’s thrilled to be having another granddaughter. David loves little Max, but he wants his own child as well to complete his family.”

So why does David seem to be stressed out?
“Kylie goes for a pregnancy check-up and the doctor says he’s worried about her blood pressure. She’s supposed to take it easy, which means David’s got to do all the chores, feed and bath Max, take him to school as well as working in the salon. Money’s tight, too, so he decides to cover Kylie’s shifts at the Bistro as well. He’s very stressed, but excited at the prospect of becoming a dad.”

Does David complain about being overworked or just get on with it?
“He isn’t complaining at all. He thinks this is what needs doing. He says to Kylie: ‘Don’t worry, you take it easy, you’ve got the most important job looking after the baby and making sure that’s all right. I’ll do all the rest.'”

But working so hard and getting stressed can’t be good for David’s epilepsy…
“All David thinks is that he needs to carry on doing what he’s doing because they need the money.”

What will he think if he finds out Kylie slept with Nick?
“If that happens, I think it can go one of two ways… David could absolutely lose it and then go all out for revenge. Or, as he is really close to Nick at the moment, he could be really emotional, but not want to split the family up and lose Kylie in the process. Maybe he could put it behind him and still keep that relationship with his brother. I guess it will depend on whether the baby turns out to be his or not.”

Does he find out?
“Yeah, I’ve heard from the producer that they have two storylines plotted for whose baby it is and they can’t decide which one to go with!”