Corrie star Jack loves David Platt’s evil (VIDEO)

Coronation Street star Jack Shepherd told that he can’t wait to get the scripts to see how evil his character David Platt will be.

“It’s fun playing him. I look forward to getting the scripts, whether it’s comedy or evil, I can do all the different ranges and that’s why I enjoy playing him,” he said at the National Television Awards.

David Platt has just ruined his sister Sarah’s wedding by staging his suicide – and Jack, 19, says there’s more to come.

“What do you expect? I mean, I’m mentally scarred!

“He can go do any lengths. With him only being 16 and he’s this bad now he could go anywhere. In 10 years’ time he could be in a mental asylum, or he could be settled down with kids. You just don’t know with this type of character.”

VIDEO: Watch the interview with Coronation Street’s Jack Shepherd, who plays David Platt.

Or watch Jack on Youtube, below.