Corrie star Jane Danson wants Leanne to relocate her inner Battersby!

Coronation Street star Jane Danson has revealed she wants to see more of the old Battersby spirit in Leanne Tilsley.

The actress told The Sun her whole summer on the soap was ‘endless crying’ as husband Nick lay dying in a coma. But now Nick is recovering, and his fling with sister-in-law Kylie Platt has been revealed, Jane wants to see Leanne’s feisty side come back – and she hasn’t forgotten her rebellious Battersby roots.

Jane said: “Leanne is a colourful character and as time goes on I’d like to get a bit of that feistiness back. She’s still a Battersby and because I’ve not got them around, she’s fallen into a place where she’s matured.

“Now Nick is awake and she knows the truth about what happened, things take a different turn and I’d like her to have a bit of fire again.

“I like the old Leanne – I’d like to see her getting drunk again, for example, because she reverts back to her old self when she’s drunk.”

The 34-year-old mother-of-two also joked she thought writers had been picking up on how weary she looks.

She said: “I now get them putting it in the script, ‘Leanne looks tired’, and I think, well in real life I’ve got two young children and I’ve spent four years with no sleep and I’m tired!

“I think they look at me and think, ‘She’s looking a bit drawn – write it in!'”


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