Coronation Street’s Marc Baylis tells Soaplife how Rob starts playing with fire when he flirts with girlfriend Tracy’s arch-enemy, Tina – and they kiss, which is spotted by Carla!

So Rob fancies Tina?

“Er, yeah! I think most men in Weatherfield do. She has an energy about her Rob really likes. She’s always caught his eye a bit.”

Who starts the flirting?

“At first they’re just having a laugh, but then Tina starts flirting really outwardly. Rob’s a red-blooded male and when an attractive woman like Tina flirts with him, he struggles to resist.”

So, what are Rob’s feelings for Tracy?

“He likes her a lot. They have a good relationship and they bounce off one another. They have a lot of fun, they challenge one another and he’s not totally averse to a long-term relationship with her. But, like I say, Rob’s a red-blooded male!”

Tracy won’t be happy if she finds out about Rob and Tina’s kiss!

“She’ll kill him. He’s not necessarily afraid of Tracy, but he knows she’s not one to mess with. God knows what she’d do to him!”

Does Rob have any idea about what’s been going on between Tina and Peter?

“Absolutely not and he’s got no reason to suspect anything. If Rob found out, he’d have to play it carefully. Peter’s still his landlord, but Carla’s his sister and he’s always been protective of her.”

Then Carla sees him kissing Tina…

“And Rob panics. He knows she doesn’t like Tracy and would probably prefer him to be with someone like Tina. But if she tells Peter, he could tell Tracy…”