Coronation Street star Sol Heras has insisted his character Ryan Connor’s feelings for Katy Armstrong are genuine.

The bad boy and former drug addict is set to share a kiss with the teenage mum, played by Georgia May Foote despite her being in a relationship with Chesney Brown.

But Sol insists Ryan isn’t just trying his luck, he really does like Katy. He says: “This is great because obviously the story with Tracy Barlow involved her using Ryan as a pawn in her game against Steve and Michelle, so this is nice as it’s a mutual feeling between them. There’s no build up, it just happens between them like a bolt from the blue. So it’s a nice romantic story to play out.”

He added: “I think if Katy was to reject Ryan he’d take it on board because she has got a kid and she’s with Chesney who he’s friends with, so he wouldn’t want to cause such a problem if it is just him literally chasing her. Whereas if she feels the same then maybe he won’t be put off. Maybe it will be a case of let’s see what happens.”

Sol thinks Ryan is starting to mend his ways. He said: “After the drugs, Tracy messing with his head and the false pregnancy there’s been a lot to take on for him. But he’s kept his head down, concentrated on trying to earn some money and now he can relax, he’s got no-one on his case and he can enjoy himself a bit more.”