Corrie star Vicky explains how Molly’s found out!

Coronation Street’s Vicky Binns warns getting caught won’t stop Molly’s affair. She won’t give up Kevin for Tyrone or Sally or anyone…

Has Molly fallen in love with Kevin?

“Her feelings have gone much deeper than she thought they would.”

How does she feel about Tyrone?

“He’s getting on her nerves. He seems like such a kid compared to Kevin.”

Has she fallen out of love with Tyrone?

“No, but it’s not that dizzy, heart-in-your-chest kind of love that she has for Kevin. Her and Tyrone seem more like mates.”

Does she wish she hadn’t married him?

“She feels she was too young to make such a big commitment. She can’t really imagine spending the rest of her life with Tyrone.”

How does she react when Tyrone gives her a home gym for her birthday?

“She makes out she’s pleased, but she’s secretly gutted. She uses exercise as an excuse to get out and see Kevin and Tyrone thinks the gym will mean she’s at home more – and she doesn’t want that!”

Molly has a close call when Sally sees the expensive necklace Kevin gave her… What happens?

“Sally says she saw an identical necklace in Lanzarote, but Kevin was too mean to buy it for her. Molly panics and lies she bought it for herself. Tyrone is shocked by the price.”

Pam’s not fooled so easily when she catches Molly out lying. What happens?

“Molly wants time off work to be with Kevin so she lies to Dev that her dad is ill. Pam overhears and tells Tyrone she’s sorry about Molly’s dad. Molly has to then lie to Tyrone, but Pam is suspicious.”

Does Pam realise what’s going on?

“She does when she sees Kevin and Molly kissing in the pick-up truck.”

What does Pam do?

“She tells Molly she knows about the affair and insists that either Molly comes clean to Tyrone or ends the affair.”

Will Molly do as Pam says?

“Not if she can help it. She likes things the way they are. She knows Sally and Tyrone will be really hurt if they find out the truth, but she’s in too deep now.”

Is Molly worried that Pam might tell Tyrone?

“She knows Pam’s not to be messed with, but she’s not going to give up Kevin. She has to think of something fast to keep Pam quiet…”

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