Corrie stars expect spectactular effects (VIDEO)

Coronation Street stars Craig Gazey and Jennie McAlpine are predicting UK TV history when a special team unleashes special effects for the disaster episodes.

Craig said: “There’s going to be guys who’ve worked on the Doctor Who stuff, [executive producer] Phil’s brought in these amazing people, who are going to be whacking on stuff live as we’re doing it… so jumping off a bridge in EastEnders is no feat compared to this one!”

Craig is referring to a special effects team headed by Danny Hargreaves, who told the Manchester Evening News: “It’s three times bigger than anything I have ever done before and for TV this is simply huge. It’s the 50th anniversary special and because of that there’s been no expense spared, they have really gone for it.”

To ensure authenticity and reality, Coronation Street bosses commissioned Danny and his company Real SFX to carry out a series of real special effects ranging from explosions and mechanical stunts to fire and atmospheric effects.

“We have done so many effects. Some of them are huge and others are going to be very quick and punchy, but by the end of watching it you will all think ‘Oh my God, has that just happened?'”

Watch Craig and Jennie talk about the Coronation Street spectacular: