Craig Gazey has revealed his parents are more proud of him being in Coronation Street than in the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The 26-year-old actor – who plays Graeme Proctor, former cellmate and friend of David Platt in the soap – joked on ITV’s Loose Women his family weren’t interested in his RSC work.

Craig said: “The RSC – my parents thought it was a breakdown service, they didn’t have a clue!

“Now I’m on Corrie they love it. My mum’s always ringing me up and asking, ‘Can I have some signed pictures, Doris over the road wants one too’.”

The soap star revealed he doesn’t think his character will end up with Fiz Brown – played by Jennie McAlpine .

He said: “I think she is still in love with John. Everything is a bit unrequited at the moment.

“I hope Graeme gets a girlfriend. I’d like him to have a really chavvy girlfriend with big gold earrings and a tracksuit.”

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