Corrie’s Alan: ‘It’s Kirsty’s worst attack ever!’

Coronation Street‘s Alan Halsall reveals to Soaplife why Tyrone is suddenly desperate to marry Kirsty – and his reasons have nothing to do with love!

Tyrone was all ready to leave psycho Kirsty before she dropped the bombshell that his name isn’t on baby Ruby’s birth certificate and threatened that he’d never see his child again. So Tyrone stayed for the sake of his baby. “But when Kirsty gives him the most vicious beating yet he knows something has to change,” says Alan. And it does – only not in the way viewers might expect!

Kirsty’s latest psycho outburst comes after she sees messages from Fiz on Tyrone’s phone. Does she have reason to be jealous?

“Maybe not right now, but Kirsty knows there’s history between Tyrone and Fiz and she’s jealous of even the prospect of something between them. She’s just jealous about most things.”

So Kirsty locks Tyrone in the house while she’s at work!

“Kirsty thinks if Tyrone can’t get out the house then he can’t get up to anything so she locks him in with the baby. She deadlocks the front door and takes his keys and his phone – without telling him!”

What happens when Kirsty gets home?

“Trapped in the house, Tyrone has a long time to figure out how to approach it. He knows he’ll be in trouble if he accuses Kirsty so he just casually asks, ‘Have you seen my keys or my phone?’ She gives his keys back and says it must have been a mistake, but claims she doesn’t have his phone.”

But Tyrone finds it in her bag when he searches it later…

“Yes and Kirsty catches him red-handed and they have a blazing row.”

And Kirsty turns even more violent…

“She hits him in her worst attack yet. Not only does she beat him, but also she kicks him when he falls on the floor. Then she wants him to apologise for the things he’s done and, when he doesn’t, she pulls his hair and screams at him. It puts him in a really dark place, physically and mentally.”

Does this finally change the way Tyrone feels about Kirsty?

“I don’t think he’s in love with her any more. He’s struggling for options and thinks the only way out is to take Ruby and run. He calls Tommy for help, but Fiz gets to hear about his plan and catches him at the coach station. She tells him that there is another way and that he needs to get his name on Ruby’s birth certificate.”

And the other way is to marry Kirsty to get parental rights…

“Tyrone jumps on Fiz’s plan and returns home. Above all else he knows he has to be a part of Ruby’s life and if this is the only way then he’ll do whatever it takes.”

How does Tyrone propose?

“Kirsty and Fiz get into a fight at the factory and Tyrone is bounced into accusing Fiz of stalking him and trying to seduce him. Fiz, being the great friend she is, plays along with it. Tyrone uses the moment to tell Kirsty, ‘I love you and I want to marry you straight away’. And Kirsty says ‘Yes’!

Does Tyrone fear for his life?

“He’s becoming more and more scared of Kirsty, but what he’s really scared about is the prospect of losing Ruby. Once he’s married Kirsty he can get custody of Ruby and then he’ll end their relationship.”