Corrie’s Alan: Tyrone can’t see Kirsty’s jealousy!

Coronation Street‘s Alan Halsall reveals to Soaplife how Tyrone’s desperation to be a dad could wreck his life!

Tyrone is well on the way to believing Kirsty is The One – until her jealousy of Tina gets out of control. “He catches her threatening Tina and it’s a real dagger in his heart. He’s upset he could be so wrong about a woman again,” says Alan. But if he thinks he can just walk away from the relationship, he’s in for another shock when Kirsty plays her trump card…

How deep are Ty’s feelings for Kirsty before he sees her true colours?

“He’s in love with her and he can’t quite believe his luck because she’s a really good-looking girl. He’s ignored what Tina’s been saying because he’s happy with his life and with Kirsty. Love’s completely blinded him. Kirsty’s trying to control his life, but he doesn’t see it at all.”

Then he catches Kirsty threatening Tina…

“And he realises everything Tina said is true and that he got Kirsty all wrong. He’s devastated. At that moment, he still loves her, but he knows he can’t go on with someone he can’t trust. After what happened with Molly, trust is important to him. He tells Kirsty it’s over between them.”

And she chases him in a police car!

“Tyrone’s feeling sorry for himself, so Tina drags him out for a curry and Kirsty spots them together and assumes they’re on a date. She turns proper psycho and chases them in the police car. Tina refuses to pull over and Kirsty crashes right into the back of them when they stop at a red light!”

Is Kirsty badly hurt?

“She’s taken to hospital and Tyrone can’t bear not to go to see if she’s OK. Although they’ve split up his feelings for her haven’t just disappeared.”

And then a massive bombshell is dropped on Tyrone…

“A doctor stops Tyrone as he’s about to leave and tells him Kirsty’s pregnancy is fine… It’s a complete bolt out of the blue for Tyrone. It changes everything. He feels as if all of his dreams have come true. His one ambition in life is to settle down and be a family man.”

Is Tyrone sure the baby is his?

“He has no reason to think Kirsty’s cheated on him. He’s thrilled at the prospect of becoming a dad. When Kirsty shows him the scan pictures it brings back a lot of memories, but also gives him a glimpse into the future.”

Does Tyrone get back with Kirsty just because of the baby?

“When he finds out she’s pregnant he feels he has to do the right thing. But he also genuinely believes they have a future together; he wants to settle down with her.”

Do the fans like Ty’s romance?

“They’ve said that it’s nice to see Tyrone with someone new and getting on with his life again…But then they don’t know what’s about to happen!”