Corrie’s Alan: ‘Tyrone is helpless to stop Kirsty’

Coronation Street‘s Alan Halsall reveals to Soaplife how Tyrone really feels about the sometimes good, often bad and too often ugly side of living with Kirsty – mother of his unborn baby and the woman with a very dark side…

What’s it like for Tyrone, living with Kirsty and her violent behaviour?

“I think he sees them as very separate issues – he loves living with Kirsty and can’t wait for the baby to be born, but he is aware that there is a possibility she may lose her temper in a matter of minutes. Most of the time, though, I think their life is everything that Tyrone wants – a wife, a child, stability and happiness.”

So he has no doubts about their future?

“Right now, I think he is genuinely in love with her so I don’t think he has any doubts at all. He puts her anger down to her hormones and when she does lose her temper, she has apologised and begged for his forgiveness. She is the mother of his unborn child and so he wants to see the good in her, not the anger or the violence.”

Kirsty lashes out again, though, when she feels Tyrone’s putting Tommy before her…

“Tyrone tells Tommy he can have some time off from paying back the money he lent him, so he can go on holiday. Kirsty wasn’t happy with Tyrone giving Tommy the money in the first place without telling her. She thinks that Tyrone is a soft touch and she wants the money back as soon as possible, what with the baby on its way. She feels that Tommy is taking liberties and Tyrone is too stupid to see it.”

But this time someone sees Tyrone’s bruises…

“The next day Tina walks into the garage and sees bruises on Tyrone’s back. At first, he denies anything is wrong, but Tina won’t let it go. At first, I think it’s a relief for Tyrone to finally tell somebody about what has been going on, but then he’s terrified Tina will tell other people and so begs her to keep quiet.”

How much longer can Tyrone can put up with Kirsty’s violence and lack of trust?

“I think he could put up with it for a while, as they’re only small moments of violence and you hear stories of similar situations that last for years. Natalie [Gumede, who plays Kirsty] and I have tried to play the scenes realistically, so rather than have Tyrone cower in a corner, he stands his ground or walks out on her. But he feels helpless to stop her.”