Coronation Street‘s Alan Halsall confides to Soaplife that Tyrone’s terrified when it looks like he may lose another baby, so he comes up with a plan!

Tyrone’s face carries the bruises from Kirsty’s latest battering and it’s the wake-up call he finally heeds. “He still loves her, but they can’t carry on living the way they are,” Alan tells Soaplife. But poor Tyrone’s not prepared for the bombshell Kirsty drops when he tells her to go and that he’s not letting her take baby Ruby with her.

So how does Kirsty react when Tyrone says he wants her out and he’ll be keeping Ruby?

“Kirsty’s shocked, but she had an inkling he was reaching the end of his tether with her – so she plays her trump card.”

Her trump card?

“She produces Ruby’s birth certificate – without Tyrone name on it as the father. It’s Kirsty’s insurance against him. It means he has no rights as far as Ruby is concerned.

But that’s cruel!

“After Tyrone’s history with baby Jack it’s the worst thing that could possibly happen to him. He sees this beautiful baby girl as his and he has all these amazing feelings for her, so for his name not to be on her birth certificate is devastating.”

How does Tyrone react when Kirsty says she’s now calling the shots or he’ll never see Ruby again?

“It’s the kind of place Tyrone is used to being at in his relationship with Kirsty, being bossed around. The rug’s pulled just as he’s made such a strong and brave decision to end the relationship – and it immediately puts him on the back foot. But he comes up with a plan to get back on track with his home life.”

What’s his plan?

“He tells Kevin he’s taking a year off from the garage to look after his daughter while Kirsty goes out to work. It’s not ideal and Kevin’s shocked. Tyrone’s not too concerned about Kirsty harming the baby – if he was he wouldn’t let her near Ruby at all – but he sees it as the safer option.”