Corrie’s Alan: ‘Tyrone’s scared Kevin will die!’

Coronation Street‘s Alan Halsall tells Soaplife how Tyrone’s bitter anger puts Kevin in hospital.

Kevin has been trying to make amends ever since Tyrone found out that Molly had an affair with him and that Kevin is baby Jack’s father. He tries again by offering to spend some of his Scratchcard winnings on new tools for the garage. But Tyrone’s angry that Kevin seems to think he can buy back their friendship. “And Tyrone feels undermined,” Alan tells Soaplife. “He hasn’t got loads of money to spend on the garage so he rejects Kevin’s offer.”

Then Kevin goes ahead and buys a hydraulic lift, but says only he can use it…

“Tyrone feels like Kevin has come in, stolen his wife, now his business and is wandering around like he has done nothing wrong.”

So Tyrone smashes up the hydraulic lift?

“Tyrone wants to ruin Kevin’s life like Kevin has ruined his life. He wants some sort of payback. He grabs a spanner, attacking the whole machine and catching a rubber tube that delivers hydraulic fluid into the lift cable. Tyrone then walks away. He doesn’t realise the extent of the damage he’s done.”

Then the lift collapses on Kevin. Can you tell us how badly hurt Kevin is?

“Kevin’s suffering from concussion and a broken collar bone. But Tyrone’s frightened Kevin could die and he could get done for manslaughter. After everything Kevin has done to him, Tyrone should wish him dead, but he doesn’t.”

How does Tyrone react when the Websters threaten to sue the manufacturers?

“He’s terrified he could be found out. If the police get involved and realise the lift was intentionally damaged, he knows how it would look. Tyrone can’t take the guilt, and he goes round to the Websters to fess up.”

We know Kevin agrees to call a truce if Tyrone will. How does Tyrone react?

“At first he’s unsure. He believes he has a right to be bitter after everything that Kevin has put him through. But he decides he can’t carry on the way he is, angry and wallowing in self pity. Tyrone won’t forget and in a way he won’t forgive. But he’s ready to try and start moving on, for the sake of his business. After all, it’s the only thing he has left.”

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