Coronation Street‘s Alison King admits to Soaplife that Carla lies over Frank’s murder. But does she lie to protect Peter – or herself?

Frank’s days of lying and raping are over when he’s brutally murdered. But the agony isn’t over for Carla as both her and lover Peter are prime suspects. “It’s been an amazing year for Carla. What started as a love story for her and Peter ended up with her being raped and now potentially facing a murder charge,” Alison tells Soaplife. “Carla finds out from Sally that Frank and Jenny conned her out of her business and goes to the factory to confront him.”

But it’s Sally who’s found kneeling over Frank’s dead body. How does Carla react when she hears?
“Her reaction is one of shock and concern as to where Peter is, but she could just be covering her tracks…”

Why is she worried for Peter?
“Because of Frank. Before he dies, Frank tells Leanne that Peter is drinking again and he’s fearful for Simon’s safety. Then Leanne catches Peter and Carla drinking and tells him she’s going for custody of Simon. Then Peter goes on a massive bender and doesn’t come home the night Frank is killed. When he does turn up he has blood on his clothes and doesn’t know where he’s been.”

Carla says they should lie that they were together all night. Is it to protect Peter?
“It could be… But it would also help them both if they can vouch for each other.”

Do you think Carla’s capable of murder?
“Yes, very possibly – she has more motive and opportunity than the other suspects. Frank has completely destroyed her life. She’s a desperate woman who could do something desperate.”

Can Carla and Peter’s relationship survive this?
“It’s a strong yet destructive relationship. Whether they could survive such a test, we’ll have to see…”