Corrie’s Alison King: It was so intense I can’t remember filming Rob’s confession! (VIDEO)

Coronation Street star Alison King says the filming of Rob Donovan’s confession to Tina’s murder was so intense she can’t even remember shooting it!

Alison plays Rob’s sister Carla in the ITV soap and on Monday she realises Rob is the murderer and in a dramatic two-handed episode, eventually extracts the confession from Rob (Marc Baylis).

The episode was the toughest Alison’s ever filmed on Corrie, she told What’s on TV.

“There were so many, so many lines and with no interjections from anyone else it was just…,” said Alison. “So he’d stop speaking and it would be my turn and I’d go on for about an hour! So it was the learning of that, the learning is always the hard bit and the least enjoyable, the playing of it is beautiful and what we really, really love, apart from when it’s not in your head properly, which is a problem. We did the best with the time we had and I wanted to do Marc proud because obviously it was his exit storyline.

“I can’t even remember shooting it, it was such a blur.”

Alison spoke of the pressure of playing Carla, who’s at the heart of so much of the drama on the Street. “There is a lot of pressure, but each day as it comes, you know? I love her, I’m very honoured to play her. She’s an ace part to play. It’s much more interesting playing a strong, feisty character and she’s not all bad any more. She used to be the bitch, but she’s growing up some, don’t you think?”

Watch the interview with Coronation Street’s Alison King, above.


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