Corrie’s Alison on Carla’s double proposal

Alison King tells Soaplife that Carla hopes her double proposal will solve all her and Peter’s problems in Coronation Street… And there are a lot to solve!

As Carla’s been making Underworld a success, Peter’s been making a pig’s ear of the bookies – so much so that Rob has won a massive £35 grand on the gee-gees, and starts blackmailing Peter when he can’t pay up. The situation seems hopeless – until Carla comes up a two-strike plan… 

What is Carla’s double whammy of a proposal?
“A business partnership at Underworld and, er, marriage! The business idea makes sense as Peter loses the bookies to Rob and Tracey. It’s actually Deirdre who gives Carla the marriage idea. Deirdre tells her men can feel emasculated by strong women and that maybe if they were husband and wife he might be able to swallow his pride and feel a bit better about things.”

How does Peter react?
“He’s shocked. He questions it briefly but he loves Carla so much and says yes to both proposals.”

Does it honestly never worry Carla that Peter’s not the main breadwinner?
“Her relationships with successful businessmen have ended badly in the past. With Peter, she’s put love first. He is the love of her life and everything to her – flaws and all. There is such chemistry between them. They are made for each other.”

What about Leanne… does Carla still see her as a threat?
“Leanne will always be a threat. She will always hold a piece of Peter’s heart because she was his family unit and Carla can’t provide that.”

Do you think Carla and Peter can live and work together?
“It will be interesting to see how much control she lets him have at the factory. We’ll have to wait and see if it puts a strain on their relationship – she will still be holding the purse strings, which could cause problems.”

And when’s the wedding?
“Towards the end of the year – if all goes to plan!”

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