Coronation Street’s Alison King tells Soaplife that Carla comes up with the perfect plan to get Peter… by getting Leanne to cheat with Nick!

What are Carl’s feelings for Peter?
“She’s fallen for him.”

What is attracting her to him?
“In Peter she has found someone who understands what she is going through.”

What made her move in to kiss him even though she knows he is engaged to Leanne?
“She couldn’t help herself.”

What happens when Carla and Peter have a heart-to-heart?
“She confesses to him how she feels and he is surprised at the depth of her feelings, but he explains to that he loves Leanne – but crucially he is really nice about it.”

How does Carla feel when Leanne confesses to her that she slept with Nick?
“Angry. Leanne has got the best man in Peter so she can’t understand why she would risk losing that for Nick.”

Does Carla see it as a green light for her to make another move on Peter?
“She is wary of losing Peter as a friend. She is prepared to play the long game really.”

Does she manage to keep a straight face when Leanne says Peter is spending a lot of time with his new alcoholic friend Carl?
“She is grateful to Peter for keeping her secret from Leanne.”

What stops her straight away telling Peter that Leanne is cheating on him?
“She is still Leanne’s friend and she doesn’t know how Peter would react.”

What happens when Carla invites Peter round to ‘discuss her drink-driving charge’?
“She decides to have another go at seducing Peter. She is dressed only in a towel and she makes no bones about what she wants from Peter – he is a bit surprised to say the least.”

Carla plants a seed in Nick’s mind that Leanne might not be completely happy with Peter – what is Carla’s hidden agenda?
“Carla is smart, she realises that she won’t gain anything from telling Peter about Nick and Leanne. The clever way is to get Leanne and Nick together and then she can be there to pick up the pieces for Peter.”

Peter is there for her again when she is in court for drink driving – how does it go?
“Obviously it doesn’t go well for her in court and unfortunately Peter bears the brunt of her anger and that is partly because she cares about him so much.”

Carla has said Liam is the love of her life – is there anything about Peter that reminds her of Liam?
“Like Liam, Peter knows what makes Carla tick.”

Is she ready for a new ‘love of her life’ and could that be Peter?
“Carla would never admit it, but she really does just want to love and be loved. Perhaps falling for a man who is already taken is another one of her defence mechanisms.”

How far might she go to steal him away from Leanne?
“There are lots of twists and turns to come and it won’t necessarily turn out the way people think it is going to.”