Coronation Street’s Amy Kelly tells Soaplife that Maddie gets a shock when Carla offers her a proper job, with wages and everything – and so does Sally…

Beneath her bolshie bravado, Maddie’s proving to be a decent human being. She got Eccles the dog to a vet after the poor mutt was hit by a car and then became Simon’s hero when she saved it from being put down on Tracy’s orders. Now she’s impressing Carla at Underworld, where she’s working off her punishment for taking Carla’s car to rescue Eccles.

“Maddie’s enjoying working at the factory and she’s proving that a lot of people’s initial assumptions about her were wrong,” Amy says to Soaplife. “I think Carla also has a soft spot for Maddie because she sees the same feistiness in her that she has herself.” Carla (Alison King) certainly sees something in the girl because she decides Maddie’s been punished enough and gives her a proper, paid job…

So Maddie’s happy at the factory?

“People are starting to recognise her hard-working streak. Everyone had assumed she’s a good-for-nothing, volatile teenager, when in reality she’s used to being a responsible adult and bringing up her brother. It’s her defensive, mistrusting nature that lets her down.”

Why is she so defensive?

“She still has trust issues and keeps expecting something to go wrong. She can’t believe her luck – she has a supportive girlfriend in Sophie [Brooke Vincent], somewhere to live, work and is beginning to make friends. Her life has changed so much since she first arrived on the Street.”

Maddie’s relationship with Simon and Eccles is so cute!

“I love it! It’s the first time, since we saw her with her brother Ben, that the viewers get to see Maddie’s softer, caring side.”

How is Maddie getting on with Sally (Sally Dynevor) these days?

“There’s always going to be some friction between the two characters because of how things started between them – dunking your future girlfriend’s mum’s face in a trifle within minutes of meeting her is never going to make a good impression. But there’s now added friction between Maddie and Sally because Maddie’s growing popular within the factory. Maybe Sally is actually a little jealous of Maddie!”

Kevin (Michael Le Vell) is coming back – is Maddie worried?

“Not really. Maybe she is a little nervous because she still feels like she has a lot to prove, but Kevin was one of the first people, after Sophie, to actually have some faith in her.”

Would you like Maddie to mellow or should she stay feisty?

“It’s important she stays feisty because that’s just who she is. You can be feisty yet still be respected and have friends – look at Carla. It would be a shame if Maddie completely chilled out because her unpredictable nature is what makes her a joy to play and fun to watch.”

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