Corrie’s Amy Kelly: ‘You think Maddie’s going to lose it, instead she kisses Sophie!’

Coronation Street’s Amy Kelly reveals to Soaplife how she feels about playing the thief who steals Sophie’s heart…

Sophie and Maddie haven’t got off to a great start, what with Maddie nicking Sally’s bag and watch… What’s the attraction?
“I think Sophie intrigues Maddie. Sophie’s massively determined to get to know her and Maddie can’t get her head around that. She’s never had that much attention before, certainly not positive attention, anyway! Maddie doesn’t really know what to do with it. I think Maddie has met her match. Nobody has ever stood up to her before, so maybe that’s why Sophie’s different.”

So why steal Sally’s bag?
“She and Sophie don’t really know each other at that point. Maddie just wants to put Sally back in her box. She wants to put people in their place!”

Does she think that Sophie fancies her too?
“Initially, Maddie isn’t sure. Maddie is flirty with Sophie when she starts to think that Sophie might have feelings for her. Maddie rises to the challenge. It’s only when they start to get to know one another and Maddie starts to let Sophie in a little bit that they both realise there could be something bigger between them.”

How does Sophie find out about her background?
“Sophie gets a job writing for the shelter’s magazine and she accidentally-on-purpose uses the opportunity to do some detective work on Maddie. She asks Eleanor, who works at the shelter, lots of questions about Maddie’s background and finds out Maddie has a family.”

So how does the kiss come about?
“It’s extremely unexpected. She tells Sophie afterwards that she did it because she felt like it, and I think that’s the truth. Just before Maddie kisses Sophie, she’s really angry at her for sticking her nose in and checking up on her background. At that point we think Maddie is going to lose it, but instead she kisses her.”

What do you enjoy about playing Maddie?
“She has so many emotions she just doesn’t know what to do with them; her behaviour is so unpredictable. And she has a sharp sense of humour, which is a lot of fun.”