Coronation Street‘s Andrew Lancel tells Soaplife that Frank’s so in love with Carla he’ll do anything for her, but she’d better not cross him!

Frank doesn’t think twice about claiming he was in the driving seat when Carla mows down Stella, putting her life on the line. “He does it for love. Frank would happily go down for Carla if it meant he could keep her,” Andrew tells Soaplife. But he admits it also gives Frank a hold over Carla. And, if pushed, he’ll use it…

Is Frank’s love for Carla real?
“Absolutely! He’s found the one. He’s a successful man, he has a lot of money and he’s found someone who can equal him. He’s smitten and surprised by it.”

Does he realise Carla’s going off the idea of marrying him?
“He gets an uneasy feeling, but he’s blinkered, like anyone in love. He thinks he can find a way around any obstacle.”

Does he believe Carla’s feelings for Peter are in the past?
“He thinks he’s got that hurdle out of the way. Everybody has a past, but he’s more interested in the future with Carla.”

Then Carla gets drunk at their engagement party…
“Carla embarrasses Frank in front of his parents and embarrasses herself by getting drunk. He wants things to be a certain way and when they’re not he flies off and they have a row.”

We know that Carla gets behind the wheel of Frank’s car…
“Frank jumps in after her because she’s drunk and banned from driving and he wants to stop her. But Carla drives off, mows down Stella and smashes into the bookies. Stella ends up in a coma and in a moment of gallantry Frank decides to take the blame and cover for Carla. He knows Carla would go down and he can’t bear the thought of losing her.”

Does a part of him see it as a way to get a hold over Carla?
“If he ever needs it, it’s there. He doesn’t go into it with that intention, that’s what he’s like…from one extreme to another. He never planned the crash, but if it’s beneficial to him, fine.”

But Carla’s horrified and doesn’t want him to take the rap for her…
“Frank insists that’s how it’s going to be, though; she must do this and he’ll take the blame. Carla’s groggy and in no state to argue.”

So do people have a go at Frank?
“Yes, and deservedly so. Carla’s having a go at him, Karl, Eva and Leanne are having a go at him… Stella’s in grave danger and in their eyes he’s to blame.”

Then Carla tells Peter the truth. How does Frank react?
“He’s furious. Peter’s a loose cannon and he and Carla both face jail if he tells the police. The cracks are showing again and he isn’t happy.”

How worried is Frank when he’s up in court?
“He’s been told by the police he won’t go to prison so he can still be with Carla. Nothing else matters to him. All will be fine and well as long as Carla does what Frank says.”