Coronation Street‘s Andrew Lancel tells Soaplife how Frank shows Sally his dark side – and why he always knew Frank was doomed!

Is Frank out to destroy Carla?
“Absolutely! Erase and eradicate, that’s his plan. And he will go about it in the worst possible way. He’s enjoying tormenting her, he’s enjoying turning the screw.”

But then he turns on Sally, too, when she asks him about a mysterious phone call he gets…
“The call is from Jenny Sumner, who is involved in the twists and turns of him trying to get hold of the factory. She is his new flame and he is using her to help him get his revenge.”

So he was just using Sally?
“She was useful to him. What his mum said was right. She didn’t harm the trial at all, in fact it helped.”

And he’s furious when he finds Sally snooping on his computer. Doesn’t he care that she’s seeing his true colours now?
“No, because for him it’s done now, he’s on a new script. He does admit to Sally, ‘It was nice for a while’, but he also thinks he has done her a favour and tells her she has had more fun with him than she had had in a long time! He thinks she should be happy and move on.”

But he plans to keep Sally on side…
“He tells her there’s something in it for her. He says they’re all going to ride off into the sunset; it won’t be nice or pretty, but he’ll make them all stars. Then she finds out he’s having it away with someone else and things get dark. She threatens him and he says he’ll take her down with him. If Sally continues meddling things could get very dangerous for her. She’s skating on very thin ice.”

Three of Carla’s lovers have ended up dead: Paul, Liam and Tony Gordon. Has Frank ever worried that he could also be cursed?
“Frank never has, but I think viewers have. He’s too arrogant and too cocky to think that could ever happen to him, but as soon as I was approached about the part and they told me Frank would end up with Carla, I said: ‘Oh, he must die then’!”