Corrie’s Audrey: ‘No more bed scenes, thank you’

Coronation Street‘s Sue Nicholls has revealed she’s happy to leave the show’s steamy scenes to her younger co-stars.

The Corrie veteran’s character, hairdresser Audrey Roberts, has been enjoying a romance with smoothie Lewis Archer, played by Nigel Havers.

But Sue told Yours magazine: “Subtle screen kissing is fine, but I wouldn’t like to do bed scenes any more, thank you.

“I think the kissing is best if it’s just nice, gentle kisses and hugs. I’ll leave the snogging to the youngsters.”

Sue also revealed her husband, ex-Coronation Street star Mark Eden, isn’t bothered by her scenes with Nigel.

“He’s actually terribly helpful when it comes to those kind of scenes. Mark’s probably kissed more women on screen than he’s had hot dinners,” she joked.

Meanwhile, Audrey’s former co-star Johnny Briggs, who played Mike Baldwin, has apparently claimed he bedded more women than street stalwart Bill Roache (Ken Barlow).

Last month, Bill told ITV’s Piers Morgan he had slept with hundreds of women in his younger days.

And Johnny told the Daily Mirror: “I was a bit of a ladies’ man myself. I don’t know if I can say how many I bedded. but it’s probably more than him.”