Corrie’s Becky arrested in drugs bust

Coronation Street‘s Becky Grainger faces years behind bars after getting arrested for possesssion of class A drugs.

The Corrie barmaid – played by 29-year-old Katherine Kelly – is taken away by police during a narcotics raid at the Rovers Return, the Sun reports.

Becky has been set up by evil copper DC Hooch, but with her crooked past, even her boyfriend Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) struggles to believe Becky when she protests her innocence.

A show insider said: “This will be devastating for Becky. Her future will be in balance after her arrest and her relationship with Steve will be teetering on the brink.

“It’ll be touch and go whether she goes down or not.”

Viewers will know the truth, seeing the drugs planted on her by ex-boyfriend Slug, who is blackmailed by DC Hooch.

The detective has held a grudge against Becky since she reported him for demanding a sex act from her when she was 15.

As Hooch arrests Becky after the raid he tells her: “Got you. Say goodbye to your new life Becky because this time you’re going down and I’ll make sure they throw away the key.”

Becky’s former boss, cafe owner Roy Cropper, is convinced she has been set up, and it turns out someone else on the Street is involved, when the plot unfolds on the ITV soap this summer.

The source said: “Becky’s made many enemies during her time on the Street and it could be anyone of a number of people.”

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