Coronation Street hunk Ben Price reckons it will never be happy families for the Platts.

The soap star’s character Nick Tilsley has patched up his tempestuous relationship with his half-brother David Platt, played by Jack P Shepherd.

But Ben told ITV1’s Daybreak that despite the hopes of his on-screen mum Gail (Helen Worth), the pair won’t be pals for long.

Ben revealed: “Gail would love that. I think Gail wants this perfect, happy family, but that will never happen. [Nick] and David – there’s always going to be a bit of stress and a bit of tension.”

In scenes screened this week, Nick and David go out to a strip club together, where Nick spots Kylie, David’s wife, working.

“We go into this strip club just to have a little drink and have a bit of a laugh, and I see her and I know that if David sees her, it will devastate him. So I think Nick just wants to protect his brother and keep them together,” he explained.

The actor praised Coronation Street‘s producers for deciding to film the scenes in a real-life strip club.

“That was the best for us as actors,” he added. “The real girls were there, so then when Paula was dancing, you got a real sense that you were in that strip club.”