Corrie’s Ben: ‘Nick would be devastated to lose David’

Coronation Street’s Ben Price talks to Soaplife about how nervous Nick is thrown into another panic over Kylie and that baby…

Nick’s latest scare occurs when David worries after his epilepsy seizure and wants genetic tests done on the baby…
“Nick goes into a complete panic. It just isn’t an option as far as he’s concerned and he does lose his cool. He’s been in a tram crash, he’s saved people’s lives, he’s seen a few things… But this blows all his control out of the window.”

So he talks David out of the idea?
“He tries to. But it’s Marcus who assures David the baby is unlikely to inherit the condition and tells him there’s no test they can carry out anyway. That won’t be the only hurdle Nick has to get over, though. He knows there are many obstacles to overcome.”

How does Nick feel when David asks him and Leanne to be the baby’s guardians if anything happens to him and Kylie?
“Very awkward! Nick wants to say no, but he can’t. Every time something like this happens, panic shoots through him. If the secret does come out, it will never just be the secret itself that gets Nick into trouble, but all the aftermath events that will suddenly add up for David.”

What would scare Nick more: losing David or Leanne?
“It’s been pretty rocky for him and Leanne. He does love her, but their relationship’s tainted. It’s never been perfect, it’s off-white. But he’d be absolutely devastated if he lost his brother. “

Does he trust Kylie to keep quiet?
“Yes. She’s got just as much to lose as Nick. She loves David completely.”

And what about Gail?
“She won’t keep her mouth shut! She’s already told Sally… She’s a nightmare!”


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