Ben Price says nuns at his church are relieved he has swapped raunchy Footballers’ Wives for a role in Coronation Street.

The actor had plenty of nudity and sex scenes as love rat Conrad Gates, but is now playing Nick Tilsley on the ITV1 soap.

He told the Mirror: “I go to this church in London every Sunday and one of the nuns came up to me and said: ‘Ooh, I saw you on Footballers’ Wives, Ben. I turned it off… eventually!'”

He went on: “It was all a bit embarrassing, although they never cast any aspersions. It was more a case of: ‘Well, that’s what you do for a living, Ben. Now, would you like to do a reading at next Sunday’s service?’

“I know them all and they’re all lovely, although I think they’re secretly pleased I’m in something they can watch, like Coronation Street.”

The star admitted that some of his outrageous antics as Conrad were easier to act than one of his first scenes in Corrie, when he had to kiss Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina McIntyre.

“In some ways it’s a bit tame, but Michelle is a young girl and there were cameras and it was sensitive,” he said.

“Sometimes when it’s very intimate and quite personal, and you’re with someone for the first time and haven’t met them before, you feel a bit more nervous about it.”

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