Corrie’s Ben Price: ‘Carla blurts out a proposal, but Nick’s taken aback and she runs off!’

Coronation Street’s Nick Tilsley is in for a shock when Carla Connor proposes, Ben Price tells Soaplife…

There’s no doubt that Nick’s loved up with Carla, and he’s sure it’s mutual but, nevertheless, her sudden proposal of marriage takes his breath away… “Carla just blurts out the marriage proposal and Nick’s taken aback because he didn’t expect it – then she gets embarrassed and takes off before he can give her his answer,” says Ben.

Nick and Carl seem very happy together…
“They are. Nick really loves Carla [Alison King]. He loves her edge and recognises she’s a bit broken and damaged, and he wants to be the man that Peter [Chris Gascoyne] wasn’t.”

So why hasn’t he proposed?
“It’s early days! He loves Carla and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but she’s not always the easiest person to read. Also, Nick’s been married before – he’s been burned and just wants to take it slowly.”  

How does he feel when Carla does the asking then?
“He’s a bit taken aback. While he does ultimately want to marry Carla, he didn’t expect her to propose. He thought, when it happened, it would be him doing the asking.”

But just after Carla pops the question, his sister Sarah (Tina O’Brien) is run over!
“And Nick’s unable to think about anything else. He rushes to hospital and this does give him time to think. When he returns to the Street, he finds Carla and says that of course he will marry her.”

What would marriage to Carla be like?
“I would like it to be a love story and for Nick and Carla to have a family. He’s always wanted children of his own.”

How will his family react to the news that he’s marrying Carla?
“Gail [Helen Worth] will never be happy about any woman Nick is involved with, but I think they’ll all see her a bit damaged. On paper, Carla’s very successful, but she is broken. In the end I hope his family will be happy for him, but maybe they can see that he’s not as so strong as he thinks he is.”  

What did you think when you first heard that they were going to get together?
“I wanted it a while back, not that I have any say, but I just think they’re a natural fit – two business people, two people who’ve done quite well, two people who are a bit lonely and a bit broken…”

Coronation Street, ITV


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