Corrie’s Ben Price says ‘part of Nick thinks Leanne should leave him’

Coronation Street‘s Ben Price has said Nick Tilsley’s wife Leanne should leave him.

Nick’s brain damage has changed his personality and left him with a violent temper. When he slaps Leanne (Jane Danson) on Christmas Day, Ben hopes it’s the wake-up call for her to give up on their marriage.

Ben said: “I think part of him thinks she probably should leave him. They’ve been through the motions of trying to save their relationship, but when someone is fundamentally not the same person, it’s extremely hard.”

And Nick is worried that he will hurt Leanne again.

Ben revealed: “He can’t control it and it’s a very fine line for him. He can’t trust himself and he knows Leanne can’t trust him any more. He’s not the man she fell in love with… This is who he is now and he might be like this for months, years, forever.

Ben hopes Nick will get as much drama Coronation Street in the new year.

He said: “Maybe we’ll see what happens with David and Nick. I hope we start to see what happens with the relationship between Leanne and Nick and how they work together. I’m hoping it’s as big as 2013 because it’s been momentous for the Platts this year. This could just be the beginning.”