Corrie’s Ben Price: ‘We’ll see a harder side to Nick’

Ben Price warns Soaplife that things are going to get very ugly when Nick finds out it’s David who is messing with his marriage by making him think Leanne is messing with Peter Barlow in Coronation Street!

David’s turned on Nick because he knows he slept with Kylie. So what’s he doing?
“David keeps bringing Peter’s name up and linking him with Leanne. Although Nick 
and Leanne are getting on well, her old relationship with Peter will always niggle away at Nick. Gail mentions Leanne and Peter, too, as David has also been hinting to her. Then Nick finds Peter’s lighter that David has planted at his flat.”

What does Leanne say?
“Nick keeps asking her why the lighter is there and whose it is. When she can’t come up with a satisfactory explanation, his mind goes into overdrive. He’s sure that it’s Peter’s lighter.”

Then David and Nick have a brotherly chat…
“Again, David hints that Peter’s sniffing around Leanne. Nick goes home and interrogates her.”

How does Leanne react to that?
“Not well. Nothing is going on between her and Peter, and she’s indignant that Nick is bringing it all up again. Nick thinks she’s hiding something, so very quickly their relationship is on rocky ground.”

What does David have in store for Nick?
“It’s not good. Nick starts to realise something else is going on. There’s more to it than just an old vendetta with Peter. David’s starting to be incredibly helpful and then incredibly obtuse at certain points, and Nick is starting to feel slightly uncomfortable.”

David can be nasty… Should Nick be frightened of what he might do?
“Nick is Brian Tilsley’s son and has an edge to him. Nick’s capable of losing it as much as David when pushed, and I think we’ll see another, harder side to Nick. If he thinks he’s going to lose his wife or his business, then he’ll snap…”