Corrie’s Brooke: ‘Sophie begs for another chance!’

Coronation Street‘s Brooke Vincent reveals to Soaplife that Sophie could be left standing at the altar when she can’t say her vows!

It’s Sophie and Sian’s big day and Sophie’s trying to convince herself that being Sian’s bride is what she really, really wants. “She thinks that as soon as she’s said ‘I do’ and she’s married it will all be OK,” says Brooke. But with Amber there as bridesmaid to remind her of their kiss, and Sacha Parkinson (Sian) leaving the soap, things could be very far from OK…

So how is Sophie in the build-up to her wedding?

“She’s very nervous. But she has to put aside her feelings for Amber and she’s trying to get through it.”

But Sian’s asked Amber to be their bridesmaid…

“Sophie and Amber are both in shock. Amber says it would look weird if she backed out but Sophie says, ‘You can’t be there, that’s why I’m doing this – to get away from you! You being there will make it worse.'”

So what are Sophie’s feelings for Sian – and for Amber?

“Sophie feels hatred for Amber, but there’s a thin line between love and hate. She feels more for Amber than she’s letting on. With Sian it’s straightforward guilt. She’s doing this to make herself feel better and prove she does want to be with Sian.”

Then Amber leans in for a kiss on the hen night!

“Sophie’s taken in again when Amber makes another pass. She thinks Amber may really have feelings for her. I think Sophie would have kissed her again, but Sunita interrupts.”

On her wedding morning Kevin asks if Sophie’s having second thoughts. Is she?

“Sophie’s wedding day is a day of tears. Her dad asks if she’s sure she can go through with it and the moment gets to her. They have a strong bond and he’s voicing what she’s thinking, but she stays strong because she truly believes that once the pastor says she and Sian are married it will all go away.”

How does Sophie feel when Sian reads out her wedding vows?

“She’s so proud of Sian; she was the one who didn’t want everybody to know about them at the beginning. So to see her standing there and declaring her love for Sophie is really a big deal for her and Sophie realises how much she does love Sian.”

But Sophie stumbles when it’s her turn to make her vows…

“She’s a bit overwhelmed and thinks the words are going to come naturally to her and they don’t. She looks about and sees crosses everywhere and the pastor and her friends and family looking at her and she starts to crumble. Can she lie in front of God?”

Sian runs out in tears. Does Sophie understand why she is so upset?

“Sophie just thinks she needs to get to Sian, explain it was nerves and persuade her to come back into the church. She doesn’t think for one minute this is the end of everything.”

And Sophie begs Sian to give her another chance…

“She realises how much she loves Sian and wants to be with her. Now she has to work on persuading Sian that is what she wants.”