Coronation Street‘s Brooke Vincent reveals to Soaplife that the more people who try to stop Sophie marrying Sian the more determined she is to do it…

Ever since that kiss with Amber, Sophie’s been in a bit of a state. One minute she loves Sian and wants to marry her, the next she’s fantasising about Amber. “Amber’s only the second girl that Sophie’s had feelings like this for,” says Brooke. “It’s just a flirtation, but it is confusing for Sophie…” And when Amber rejects her it’s hurtful, too. “Sophie feels she’s made a big mistake,” says Brooke. And then she makes an even bigger one…

What makes Sophie confess her feelings to Amber?
“She gets jealous when Amber cancels a trip to the cinema with Sophie and goes off with an old uni boyfriend. She feels Amber’s made all the running towards her so she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Eventually she asks Amber if she likes her.”

And Amber rejects her?
“Worse! She takes the mickey out of her which hurts Sophie. She feels really foolish and as though she’s been used.”

And that’s why she tells Sian she wants them to get married right now?
“She already feels she needs to prove to everyone she’s serious about Sian. And now Amber’s knocked her back she has to prove it to herself. She has to convince herself that the thing with Amber was nothing, but that’s difficult because she knows in her heart that she did fancy Amber.”

But Sally won’t give her permission for the marriage…
“Sophie hoped that Sally would accept the early wedding as she accepted the engagement, but she realises there’s no way she can persuade her.”

So she and Sian decide to elope?
“Sophie tells Sian the only way they can marry is to go to Gretna Green in Scotland, where they won’t need parental permission. It’s a big decision, but she’s determined to marry. She thinks this is the answer to everything.”

Is Sian shocked?
“At first, but she goes along with it. I suppose it sounds quite exciting.”

Only Sally finds out and races after them! Is there any way she’ll talk Sophie out of it?
“The only way Sally could change Sophie’s mind would be if she promised to listen to Sophie and hear her out about what she wants for her life, instead of deciding what she thinks is best for her.”

And Sophie still wants that wedding?
“She’s 100 per cent sure it’s what she wants!”