Corrie’s Brooke: ‘Sophie won’t let this beat her’

Coronation Street‘s Brooke Vincent reveals to Soaplife how Sophie’s faith in human nature – and in God – helps her forgive Ryan and how she believes that same faith will pull her through her paralysis and get her back on her feet.

Sophie’s life’s been shattered by that horrific accident and she fears she may never walk again. As she comes round from a big operation she’s worried she can’t feel her legs – but she’s even more worried about Ryan, the man who landed her in this terrible situation. “He’s her friend, she wants to help him and she doesn’t blame him for what happened,” says Brooke. Not many people would be so forgiving!

Can Sophie remember anything about the accident?

“At first she’s just in shock. All she can remember is pushing Ryan out of the way of the car… then she was run over. She was solely intent on saving his life. Now she can’t feel her legs and it scares her.”

No wonder! She’s been told she might never walk again!

“She’s told she could be paralysed for the rest of her life, but the fact she may not walk again hasn’t really sunk in. She just wants her mum to tell her it will all be OK and, of course, Sally can’t do that.”

But Sophie’s a fighter so surely she won’t give up?

“Well, she knows she’ll have to work really hard. If they tell her there’s a chance she could walk again she’ll be determined to make it happen. She’s a strong character. She’s been through so much and come out the other side. She won’t let this beat her. She’s one of those people that if someone tells her she can’t do something then she’ll try to prove them wrong.”

Sally and Kevin are stunned when Sophie wants to see Ryan…

“They’re furious with Ryan, particularly because he ran off and left Sophie. They know more about the accident than she does. But Sophie’s worried about him. He’s her friend and she knows more than anyone that when he’s on the drugs he’s just not himself.”

What happens when Ryan visits her in hospital and she tells him she’s lied to the police to protect him?

“He’s devastated by what’s happened to her and explains how desperately sorry he is. He was so off his head on drugs at the time of the accident he wasn’t thinking about Sophie. She forgives him and tells him not to blame himself – to her it’s something that happened to show him the harm drugs can do. She firmly believes there’s a reason she’s lying in a hospital bed.”

Sophie makes Ryan swear to give up drugs. Does she believe he will?

“She knows he won’t lie to her even though he lies to his mum. She knows he trusts her. She’d taken him in and looked after him and he really appreciated that and now this has happened. Sophie’s just hoping everything is going to be OK and she puts her faith in God. It’s good that Corrie is showing that side of drugs… that it isn’t about feeling great, it’s about doing stupid things which put your life at risk.”

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