Corrie’s Bruno Langley: ‘It’s therapeutic being nasty!’ (VIDEO)

Bruno Langley says he finds it therapeutic being nasty as Coronation Street bad boy Todd Grimshaw because he gets to say things he could never say in real life.

Bruno returned to Coronation Street earlier this year and viewers have watched Todd’s twisted behaviour alienate friends and family. But he’s come to realise just how little respect he has on the Street and is currently trying to atone. But later this week, after being stood up by mother Eileen at the Bistro, Todd gets his comepuppance when he’s viciously attacked by muggers.

But Bruno told What’s on TV that Todd’s not a total villain: “If you’re playing a character you’ve always got to find some good parts of that character because in real life no one’s 100 per cent nasty… You know, people have different sides to their personality and at the moment I’m really trying to show the good side of Todd to the audience because I know he has that in him. It’s just at the moment people have been seeing a lot of that bad side, but people like that too. I’m just trying to balanace it out a bit.”

Does he prefer to be nasty or nice? “Of course being nasty to people! Because in real life I’m not nasty people, I’m easy going and easy to get on with, I’m quite a nice person. So in real life it’s nice to say some things that I’d never say in real life… It’s therapeutic!”

Watch Bruno talk about Todd, his future on the Street and being part of Corrie history, above.


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