Coronation Street star Bruno Langley reveals to Soaplife that Todd reckons he’s doing Maria a favour when he gets Marcus into his bed…

Todd’s been out to get Marcus from the start, hasn’t he?

“Totally. Todd’s been biding his time and keeping tabs on Marcus. Todd is someone who knows what he wants and won’t stop until he gets it – never mind the consequences.” 

Does Todd genuinely want Marcus?

“Definitely. He likes the challenge and the chase, but he’s also genuinely attracted to Marcus. And he’s adamant Marcus is just living a lie with Maria. He thinks that by seducing Marcus he’s doing everyone a favour. He believes that if Marcus doesn’t fall for him, he’ll fall for another guy eventually.”

So he doesn’t care about Maria?

“I think Todd has a reason for doing what he’s doing. Todd was going to marry Sarah Platt and have children, but he knew it wasn’t right and he was just getting swept up in it all. He can see the same thing happening with Marcus.”

But Marcus plans to adopt Liam…

“Again, Todd thinks the sooner he can rescue Marcus, the better it will be. He’s sure Marcus will leave Maria eventually – so the longer it goes on, the worse it will be for everyone concerned. Including Liam.”