Coronation Street actress Alison King tells of the moment when Carla’s forced to tell Michelle the truth…

Knowing Jimmy’s still out there, is Carla scared?

“At first it was a huge relief when Tony asked Carla to visit him and told her she hadn’t killed Jimmy. But now she’s worrying he’ll come after her as she knows the truth about his part in Liam’s death.”

Does she consider confessing all she knows to the police?

“She wishes she’d done that in the first place. By lying she’s got deeper and deeper into trouble.”

And deeper still when the police catch Jimmy and call her in for questioning…

“Carla’s scared witless but tries not to show it. They tell her Jimmy’s been talking. At this point Carla knows she has to tell the truth. She says she was running for her life, adding ’Maria told you it was Tony but you didn’t believe her. You’d have treated me the same.’”

Carla’s released but everyone is gossiping… What’s said?

“Word gets out that Jimmy was Tony’s hitman and Michelle can’t understand why Carla’s said nothing. She starts to think Carla knows more about Liam’s murder than she’s letting on and starts asking questions. Carla knows Michelle will never forgive her if she finds out she knew Tony had Liam killed and did nothing.”

Of course she does find out… What does she do?

“Michelle goes ballistic and drags her out of the factory on to the street where they fight.”

So now everyone knows…

“Yes and she’s lost. Carla sits and cries realising she hasn’t a friend in the world.”

Will she leave the Street?

“She can’t. She wants to be in the place Liam called home.”

What do you hope for Carla in 2010?

“She needs a lighter year and a good man. She’s got to stop going for those dodgy business types.”

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