Corrie’s Catherine: ‘Eva the Diva messes up!’

Coronation Street beauty Catherine Tyldesley explains to Soaplife how Eva turns into a beastly jealous girl when she becomes convinced that Nick is two-timing her – with Kylie!

Eva’s convinced Nick’s the man for her, even if he doesn’t seem quite so keen. “He’s ambitious – like her – plus he’s hot!” Catherine tells Soaplife. So hot, she fears he’s lighting flames of passion elsewhere and cheating on her with Kylie! And her lack of trust looks likely to lose her the perfect man for ever.

It all starts to go wrong when they argue about moving in together. Eva wants to and Nick doesn’t, right?

“Eva’s frustrated. She doesn’t see the problem with giving it a go and seeing what happens. But Nick has his guard up. She’s keen to push it, but she’s possibly being too pushy. She’s absolutely gutted when they fight. She’s quite insecure so any kind of argument really puts her on pins.”

She rings him from outside his flat and thinks he’s lying that he’s in bed. Why?

“She sees there are no lights on and her stomach drops. Her ex cheated on her and she thinks the worst.”

And seeing a text from Kylie on Nick’s phone the next day saying ‘thanks for last night’ confirms her fears?

“Yes. Eva completely assumes that they’ve slept together. She’s already found a hotel bill so she puts two and two together and gets 47.”

Nick’s actually helping get Kylie and David back together and gives Kylie a job at the Bistro. We’re sure Eva’s not happy about that!

“It just confirms her worst fears even more. She’s surprised at how brash Nick is being about it, which gets her back up.”

So she outs their ‘affair’ in front of everyone at the Bistro!

“Eva the Diva likes a bit of drama and part of the aggression that’s stayed with her since being cheated on by her ex is now coming out with Nick. She feels so wronged by men that she thinks this time she’s going to make a show and humiliate Nick. She’s chuffed to bits with herself. She thinks she’s completely in the right and Nick’s got what he deserves.”

But she’s wrong. What if Nick dumps her?

“She’d be heartbroken that she’s brought this on herself. She’d be gutted she hadn’t asked him outright. What she does is completely immature.”

Would she try to win him back?

“She would have to grovel and be less of a bunny-boiler to have any chance. But in reality I don’t think Nick would have her back. Not after everything that’s gone on.”