Corrie’s Catherine: ‘Eva wants Nick back’

Coronation Street‘s Catherine Tyldesley reveals to Soaplife that Eva hasn’t finished with Nick – even if he’s finished with her! But can dating Jason really get Nick’s attention when Nick’s already got his eye on another woman?

Eva’s not happy to be single, is she?

“Eva’s absolutely devastated that Nick doesn’t want to be with her any more because she really loved him and feels it’s all her fault for not trusting him.”


And it is! But then she tries to make him jealous by dating Jason!

“Eva purposely asks Jason to take her to The Bistro so she can make Nick jealous, but it completely backfires. Nick’s really not bothered and even offers them a bottle of wine on the house.”

Then she asks Leanne – his ex! – to talk to Nick for her!

“Eva is so focused on getting Nick back she doesn’t think about how they might feel about each other. She and Leanne are getting on so well now and she is enjoying having a sister. She has no idea Leanne has still got feelings for Nick.”

How would Eva react if Nick and Leanne got back together?

“She would be absolutely gutted. She loves Nick and she has just established a decent relationship with Leanne. She would think that Leanne was completely betraying her.”

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