Catherine Tyldesley reveals to Soaplife that Eva has a new man in Coronation Street – who, it turns out, has more than one foot in the grave!

Eva’s mum Stella is enjoying toy boy Jason but Eva goes for the older man – her grandma’s fella, Eric!
“Yes, but Eva is very fond of Eric. She sees him as some sort of father figure. They get on very well and Eva feels sorry for Eric because women seem to just be around him for his money.”

Oh, and she’s not?
“Eva loves money and has always dreamed of being treated like a princess. When Eric asks her to go on a world cruise with him she’s very tempted. Eva feels low and lost at present so the offer of seeing the world with a new companion is very tempting.”

Stella goes ballistic, though, doesn’t she?
“She thinks Eric is just after sex! She’s angry at Eva for being so naive.”

And she begs Eva to think again…
“Yes. Eva adores her mum and she’s started to learn that Stella is right most of the time so she listens.”

What about her gran, Gloria? Doesn’t Eva care about hurting her?
“Eva has a good heart and she loves her gran very much; it’s partly because of her that she makes the right decision.”

And she decides not to sail away with Eric. What happens when she goes to tell him?
“Eva finds him sitting in The Rovers… and very much dead! She’s genuinely upset. Eric was very kind to her and he was the first person in a long time who saw through her brash exterior.”