Corrie’s Charles Lawson: ‘Liz is Jim’s woman! Whether she sees it this way remains to be seen’

Coronation Street’s Charles Lawson tells Soaplife how Jim McDonald uses desperate drunk Peter to get Steve and Liz to visit him in prison…

Banged-up Peter Barlow’s so desperate for booze, he’ll do anything – at least that’s what jail ‘Landlord’ Jim McDonald reckons. So ‘your man’ decides to withhold the hard stuff unless Peter does something in return. “Jim tells Peter that he can have all the hooch he wants, but only if he gets Jim’s son and his ex, Steve and Elizabeth, to visit Jim,” Charles tells Soaplife…

Why haven’t Steve and Liz visited Jim?
“There must have been some kind of fall-out between Steve and Jim. As regards Elizabeth, when Jim started his sentence he told her they could get through it if she was willing to wait for him. She said she would and then promptly disappeared to Spain with some guy!”

Does Jim want Liz (Beverley Callard) back?
“He’s never stopped wanting her. Jim thinks they’re soulmates. Elizabeth is Jim’s woman! Whether she sees it this way remains to be seen. She’s with another guy now – Tony. Jim knows about Tony. Peter told him. It’s safe to say Jim and Tony would not get on!”

Doesn’t Jim feel guilty about persuading Peter (Chris Gascoyne) with booze?
“There’s a moral argument that Jim shouldn’t supply Peter because of his alcoholism but, as with many things in prison, morality goes out of the window. Peter wants the booze, Jim can supply it – like he does for anyone else. But Jim soon realises he can use booze to manipulate Peter into doing his bidding.”

Do Steve (Simon Gregson) and Liz visit Jim?
“Yes, but you’ll have to wait and see what happens and whether Jim gets the kind of reaction from his family that he wants.”

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