Coronation Street actor Charlie Condou has revealed that he is thrilled to have returned to the soap in a storyline which sees him playing dad.

The 38-year-old – who took a break from acting to help raise his two-year-old daughter Georgia Mae with his real-life partner Cameron Laux – has returned to the show as midwife Marcus Dent.

And in a case of art imitating life, his character has rekindled his romance with old boyfriend Sean Tully – and is helping him raise his son Dylan, whose mother Violet Wilson has been injured in a car accident.

“I think it’s a great storyline,” Charlie said. “Obviously I would because of my personal situation but I think it’s really relevant.”

“I feel like I’m on-trend all of a sudden!” he joked. “Elton and David have done it, and Rufus Wainwright and Ricky Martin. It’s very ­fashionable to be a gay dad.

“It’s a great thing to have on TV, ­especially with a soap like Coronation Street which ­reaches so many people.”

Charlie – whose daughter was conceived through IVF with his actress friend Catherine Kanter added that the storyline might prove controversial to some viewers, but said that he thought it was a good thing to highlight such issues.

“It’s a unique situation Sean and ­Marcus are in, and I’m in with ­Cameron. Because of that some viewers might be shocked.

“But I think controversial storylines like this are important because, without realising it, people become used to it and it becomes normal, for want of a better word.”