Corrie’s Charlie: ‘Marcus is so confused!’

Coronation Street‘s Charlie Condou reveals to Soaplife how gay Marcus does something boyfriend Aiden definitely wouldn’t like… HE kisses Maria! So, what’s going on? Is Marcus playing it straight now?

What made Marcus kiss Maria?

“It was when they came back from the hospital after Maria got her test results over the lump in her breast. It had been such an emotional roller-coaster and they were taking in what Maria was told. They had an intimate chat and when they hugged there was a momen – and Maria kissed him. But then Marcus went in for a second kiss…”

How does Marcus feel about it?

“They are both stunned. This isn’t just about them. It’s an infidelity. It’s complicated enough with the facts that he’s gay, she’s a woman and they’re best mates – but they’re both in relationships, too. It’s also about Jason and Aiden.”

So they decide to sweep it under the carpet…

“Marcus thinks he can absolutely do that; he thinks their friendship is close enough and strong enough to be able to get past it. He is focusing on his relationship with a really lovely, handsome, smart man who, on paper, is everything he wants. He has a great friendship with Maria, they had a silly kiss. But actually he can’t forget about it and every time he sees Maria and Jason together he feels uncomfortable.”

Is he getting friendship confused with something more?

“That’s exactly what he thinks is happening. He doesn’t understand why the kiss happened, but in his head because he’s a gay man it must be just that they got carried away in the moment. As time goes on, though, he begins to realise there is more there and that makes it even more confusing for him because he starts to wonder who he is.”

So is he still gay?

“Marcus is gay and I don’t believe that if things don’t work out with Maria he will suddenly start fancying Michelle or Tina. This is about one particular person; there is something about Maria and their relationship and it has moved over into something else. That’s what is so confusing for him.”

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