Corrie’s Charlie: ‘Marcus sleeps with Maria!”

Coronation Street‘s Charlie Condou reveals to Soaplife how Marcus and Maria take their kissing game further – in fact, all the way into bed!

The loving between Marcus and Maria actually starts with a fight, doesn’t it?

“Yes. Marcus finds out Maria talked Aiden out of taking a job in London and gets really angry because he feels like she’s interfering. But I think his anger is also based on the fact that Marcus knows deep down that his relationship with Aiden is not right for him.”

How does Maria explain herself?

“They have a big row about it and Maria eventually admits that she did it because she’s in love with Marcus. This really takes him by surprise and I think he realises that he can’t deny his feelings for her either. They fall into each other’s arms and have a very passionate embrace.”

And then they end up in bed together!

“They get taken over by the emotions of the moment and one thing leads very quickly to another! The next day is a big shock for both of them.”

Is this the first time Marcus has slept with a woman?

“Yes, absolutely. He says in one of the later scenes that he has never cheated on anyone before and has certainly never slept with a woman before.”

Is Marcus in love with Maria?

“He thinks he is, but he’s incredibly confused. It’s like everything in his life has been turned upside-down, like everything he has ever known about himself is suddenly in question and it doesn’t feel nice.”

Is that why Marcus says he’ll leave with Aiden?

“I think he’s just doing a classic running away from the situation. Marcus thinks that if he chooses this path he can continue to be the happy-go-lucky guy he has always been.”

But Maria begs him to stay…

“Marcus decides the best thing to do is to tell her that she should forget about him because he’s gay. But when Aiden arrives at the flat to pick him up he realises that he just can’t leave and that Aiden is the wrong person for him.”

And that means?

“And that means there are troublesome times ahead!”

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