Corrie’s Cherylee: ‘Gary has really hurt Izzy’

Cherylee Houston talks to Soaplife about how Izzy is struggling with conflicted feelings: she wants to be a mother but she’s jealous of surrogate Tina, who’s carrying the baby Gary is desperate for in Coronation Street

Izzy’s insecurities are fed by the attention Gary pays Tina, aren’t they?
“Yes, but she thinks she’s just being jealous. She tries to see it as though Gary is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing as an expectant dad, but it really hurts Izzy because he’s not doing it with her.”

He was being more than an expectant dad when he made a pass at Tina!
“Izzy doesn’t know about that, though. She’d be absolutely devastated if she did. She’d think that not only can’t she carry her own baby, but also she can’t keep her partner!”

Tommy has suggested to Izzy that Gary fancies Tina…
“Yes and that has niggled Izzy but, again, she thinks her insecurities could be clouding her judgement. More than anything, she just feels left out.”

Would it be all over for Gary and Izzy if she did find out about Gary’s pass?
“I don’t know. It would hurt her deeply. It would be a trust issue, I think.”

Would it potentially change her feelings towards the baby?
“No. I think it would heighten her feelings and she would be determined go it alone and follow it through with all of her effort and love. Nothing would ever affect her feelings for the baby.”


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