Corrie’s Cherylee: ‘Izzy has complete rage!’

Cherylee Houston reveals to Soaplife that Izzy was never worried surrogate mum Tina would refuse to hand over her son, Jake, in Coronation Street. But that’s the shattering blow Izzy’s dealt! Now what?

How does Izzy feel when she gets to the hospital and finds Tina with Jake in her arms?
“She’s completely stunned. The fact she’s not the first to hold him and to have that special moment taken away by someone else really hurts her.”

Can Izzy understand why Tina has the urge to hold the baby?
“Yes, she really can. She realises Tina feels a stronger bond for Jake than she’d expected. Izzy really didn’t realise how hard this would be, but now she has maternal instincts she can completely comprehend Tina has, too.”

Do any alarm bells ring for Izzy?
“Izzy and Gary agree they need to talk to Tina about taking a backseat, that the transition needs to happen sooner rather than later. But when they approach Tina about this, she tells them she needs to talk to them, too. At that point Izzy fears the worst…”

And the worst happens. Tina tells them she’s keeping the baby!
“Yes, and Izzy’s in absolute shock. She’s so stunned it takes a few days for her anger to come through, but when it finally does she has a fighter’s spirit in her. She has complete rage.”

Does Izzy try to change Tina’s mind?
She does try to talk Tina round, but Tina won’t hear of it and even changes the baby’s name to Joe. It hits home to Izzy just how little control she has. Despite being the biological mum, she has no rights and now her little boy is going to live a totally different life by a different name.”

Can she take legal action?
“She and Gary do go to see a lawyer and pay a lot of money only to be told they don’t have a leg to stand on.”

So she hatches a plan: get Gary to move back in to prove they have a stable home…
“Izzy misses Gary and it was always her dream for them to parent together. But ultimately this is about getting her son…she’ll do anything to get her baby back!”


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