Coronation Street’s Chris Gascoyne reveals Peter and Ken’s new battle could cost him his son…

What does Peter make of Simon’s grandad George?

“Initially his instincts tell him not to trust him. He doesn’t like the way he came into Simon’s life and upset the applecart and he knows George wasn’t a good dad to Lucy… He says he’s got in touch now because he is getting on and wants to make up for not being there for Lucy.”

Ken’s not keen on George either. Does Peter realise he feels pushed out?

“He does. Ken has to work hard to buy Simon a bike for Christmas but George is rich and can just give Simon whatever he wants instantly.”

Now he’s trying to give Peter what he wants and offers to lend him the money he needs for Leanne’s bar. Will Peter accept?

“He doesn’t want to take the money. He wonders if George is trying to buy time with his grandson… But Leanne’s furious. They have a big row and she reminds him they can’t get the money from anywhere else.”

It’s Ken who makes him accept George’s offer… What happens?

“He congratulates Peter on rejecting George’s attempt to buy his way into Simon’s life. Goaded, Peter insists it was a genuine offer and tells George he’s changed his mind.”

Ken actually has his own hidden agenda and it turns out he doesn’t think Peter should run a bar because of his drink problem. Will he stop Peter’s plans?

“He’s going to try. He visits Deirdre’s old council boss to try and get the planning permission refused. Peter’s furious when he finds out.”

Does this mean a miserable Christmas for the Barlows?

“Peter and Ken do try and get on at Christmas for Simon’s sake but it’s not over between them.”

Should Peter trust George?

“No. George is definitely going to turn out to be a different man.”

If it’s Simon he’s after how far will he go… Custody?

“It is Simon that George is really interested in. As to getting custody of Simon… that could happen…”

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