Corrie’s Chris: ‘Peter gives up Simon!’

Coronation Street‘s Chris Gascoyne reveals to Soaplife how Peter finally puts his son Simon first – and it breaks his heart

Peter’s turning point with Simon is the little lad’s bad behaviour, isn’t it?

“Peter is angry at Simon for going off the rails but he hasn’t yet seen it as his own fault. He thinks he is doing the right thing by keeping Simon away from Ken and Leanne and is trying to justify it to himself. He’s got good intentions but he’s making every wrong decision.”

Then Simon nearly dies after knocking back a bottle of wine…

“And Peter still blames everybody but himself – Leanne, Carla and teacher Brian – until he finally gets to the truth of it, which is to blame himself.”

Simon pulls through and tells Peter why he drank the wine…

“He says he drank it because he hates his life and also because Peter hates his life. He thinks that if he drinks it’s going to make him happy, which is why Peter does it. It’s very sad.”

Peter tells Simon he can choose who he wants to live with, but is he prepared for him to choose Leanne?

“He’s not. I don’t think that possibility enter into his head until Simon says that he wants Leanne and Peter is left reeling.”

Does Peter consider giving up Carla to keep Simon?

“Yes, but he panics and gives Simon to Leanne. He is making decisions that he thinks will make everything all right again but actually he’s not making any right decisions and it’s just a mess.”

Does he have any regrets?

“He does. Maybe he’ll turn round at some point and wish he could put it all back together again with Leanne but it’s way too late.”

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